“Home” Sell Myself, ded­i­cated to help­ing you sell your own home yourself.

How you decide to sell your home is entirely up to you.

You can get assis­tance from a real estate agent for the paper­work or sell­ing pro­ce­dures and meth­ods for areas of real sell­ing you are unsure about.

Or you can han­dle the sell­ing process entirely by your­self, with­out help.  I would suggest

Step By Step Home Sell Price Guide
Step By Step Pric­ing Guide, List You home For Sale at the Right Price!

 using some of our guides and detailed sell­ing books to help you with the lat­est tech­nol­ogy to attract more qual­i­fied buy­ers.  Buyer expo­sure is key to sell­ing faster and for more money.  We show you how, you do the work and save.  If you want or need help we are always ready to serve your needs.

One of the home sell­ing tech­niques we learned over the years, as pro­fes­sion­als, was home­own­ers needed the assis­tance of pro­fes­sional low cost home sell­ing tools. MyHouse­Di­rect® has been involved with the “For Sale By Owner” home sell­ing mar­ket since 2003.  We have shipped sell­ing guides, signs, brochure tem­plates, direct­ing sell­ers How-To Sell their homes for the low­est sell­ing costs while max­i­miz­ing their sell­ing price.

Our seller aids have been shipped all over the United States using UPS or FedEx as the deliv­ery method while many oth­ers can be sim­ply down­loaded for imme­di­ate use.  Sell­ing your house with the right tools helps you price right, increase buyer expo­sure to the right buy­ers and in most cases sell.

Wel­come again, please review our pro­fes­sional home sell­ing tools.
If you have any ques­tions, please us our handy con­tact form below.

The Right Photos, the Right Price equals a Quick Home Sale!
The Right Pho­tos, the Right Price equals a Quick Home Sale!

We will be happy to answer any of your home sell­ing ques­tions.  Remem­ber each state has there own guide­lines and rule on how to final­ize your sale.  If you are in doubt seek legal advice.  It cost very lit­tle when you con­sider the costs of mak­ing a mistake.

Home Sell­ing may be the sin­gle most expen­sive deci­sion you make, if you are wrong!  Home Sell­ing Your own home with a lit­tle pro­fes­sional help can also be one of the most prof­itable oppor­tu­ni­ties you can do, if done right!

Thou­sands of peo­ple just like you, sell their own homes each year.  Using the right tools can make all the dif­fer­ence.  Learn the secrets to sell­ing homes that real estate agents don’t want you to know.  Find out how you can sell like a pro­fes­sional with­out all the stress.

Put a Smile on Your Face, Sell Your Home with Confidence!